You knew that the ‘Nivea of ​​the blue boat’ was good, but they never told you this:

It is very likely that since you were a child you have seen a blue bottle of Nivea cream at home. My mother used it for everything, she used it on me whenever something happened to me.

If you are one of those who, like me a long time ago, only used it as a moisturizer at specific times, do not miss this article. Surely you did not know some of these uses and when you try them you will love them. Especially since they work very well.

Uses for Nivea Cream

Moisturizes the cuticles: To keep them hydrated, apply cream to the area and massage. In a few minutes, they will be soft, making it easy to remove them with pliers.

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Eliminate foot cracks: Apply Nivea on the feet, massage well and put on the socks. In the morning, they will be super soft and well cared for!

Anti-aging for the eye area: Apply Nivea cream around the eyes when you go to sleep and say goodbye to crow’s feet.

Soften and lighten your knees: Put a little on the knees and you will see how they become soft and clear.

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Hair pomade: If you’ve had a great haircut but you have some unruly strands, just put a little Nivea on your hands and run them through the “conflict” area to make the hairstyle flawless again.

Prevent pregnancy stretch marks: Apply the cream on the belly, breasts and hips during pregnancy. It will be your best ally!

Perfectly hydrated hands: If you have rough hands, use Nivea cream to restore their softness.

Hydration of the lips: The cold dries out the lips. To avoid this, apply a layer of Nivea on them.

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After the sun: If you have been sunbathing and your skin is burned and burning, apply a layer of Nivea. It will relieve you instantly

Skin burns: Put a little Nivea on the burn to prevent blisters. Attention! This solution is only valid for small burns!

Treat and prevent dermatitis: Nivea has the ideal texture to prevent and treat dermatitis since it is super dense.

Deep hydration for the face. If your face feels dry, apply a good layer of cream, cover it with a damp towel and leave it to act for half an hour. Then wash with warm water and you will see how your face has recovered its softness and hydration.

Moisturizing and lightening for the elbows: If you have dry and dark elbows, apply Nivea and they will become lighter and softer.

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Anti dark circles: Nivea cream is wonderful for treating and preventing dark circles. Just apply a little before bed, give a light massage and wash your face in the morning!

Make-up remover : Nivea is also a great make-up remover, capable of removing even waterproof make-up. Just pass a little cream on the face, remove with a cotton pad and wash with warm water.

What do you think about the different uses of Nivea cream?

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