Why you shouldn’t say “behave yourself” to your child

Surely, when we were children our parents told us: “behave well”. In fact, they repeated us whenever they considered it necessary. Without a doubt, we considered it a good and positive thing, as we become parents we can think of continuing in the same way when raising our own children.

However, far from thinking like this, there are other ways that we can use when educating and raising children today. Although we say this, it does not mean that it is because times have changed, but rather because we have other tools to do it successfully.

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In fact, we should avoid certain expressions that we say to our children. Now let’s see what are the reasons to avoid saying the same things that were said to us when we were kids.

Why you shouldn’t say “behave yourself” to your child

Perhaps we use this expression when we need the children to be still, or not to bother, or to pay attention, among other everyday situations.

The question is if you correctly interpret this command that we ask you as parents, “behave well”, where is the limit in whether a child behaves well or badly. Quite simply, it often happens that the apparently wrong behavior is due to being tired, hungry, bored, etc.

By this we mean that the parents’ request is not clear or specific, telling them to remain silent in a hospital is not the same as telling them to behave at school and not to cause problems.

What can we do to help children?

The most advisable and correct thing to do in raising children is to be specific and clear about how they should behave in the different contexts in which they find themselves. Whether at school, in a hospital and other places, etc.

It is essential that they know where we are going, why and how it is required to be with other people, the correct way to behave.

What can we pass on to you?

So, instead of telling you this general concept of “behave well”, let’s give an example:

If we go shopping with our son, we must remind him to stay by our side all the time, we can even ask him to help us make these purchases so that he stays attentive. And that later, at the end, we can take him to a place where he can play and have fun for a while.

Another situation as an example is school, encouraging them to pay attention during class and to everything the teacher teaches them. But that during the breaks she has fun and has a good time with her classmates.

In other words, the key is to be clear and specific about your behavior in different places.

Let’s follow all these recommendations as a guide and help our children to have a healthy and happy upbringing!

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