How to hang clothes the right way: 13 important tips

If we talk about spreading the clothes on the rope, we can say that it may seem simple and that it should not be given too much importance. However, it is quite the opposite, if we follow some tips when doing it, we will obtain better results.

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In other words, if we do it right, ironing is made easier, we prevent the garment from deforming or even taking on a bad smell. Surely we do not want any bad results when we have it clean and scented, just let it dry.

How to hang clothes the right way: 13 important tips

These are homemade tricks that make our task easier:

1- Tip: Wash only clothes that fit on the line

The advice is simply to wash only the amount of clothes that the clothesline can support, DO NOT stack the clothes because they will not dry properly.

2- Tip: Shake the clothes

The recommendation is when removing clothes from the washing machine, it is best to shake the clothes so that the threads return to their original position. Without a doubt, it will help when ironing.

3- Advice: clean the tender beforehand

We simply pass a cloth or rag with alcohol through the rope or clothesline, in this way you avoid dirtying the clothes.

4- Tip: Hang clothes according to garments

Regarding the garments, it is necessary to place the thickest ones near the door or window where they receive ventilation, in addition to those of dark color it is suggested to place them away from the sun’s rays.

5- Tip: Do not use the same clasp when hanging

The recommendation is not to use the same brooch to join two different pieces, it should be avoided that they overlap and the ends are wet.

6- Tip: The closures must remain open

Without a doubt, the closure should be left open as well as the pockets, this is for the purpose of air circulation.

7- Tip: Place the different garments correctly

Whether it’s skirts, pants, shorts and the like, you have to hang it from the thickest part of the clothesline or rope. The thinnest part should always be placed downwards.

8- Tip: Few snaps should be placed

In reality, only a few snaps should be placed, as little as possible. Remember, always place it in the center and not at the ends. For example, t-shirts, t-shirts, blouses, sheets, pillowcases, towels, etc.

9- Tip: Let’s use the hangers when hanging the garments

The suggestion is to place the shirts and other clothing on hangers. They will hold much better and will make things easier when ironing.

10- Tip: How to layer black clothes

Simply, we can hang black clothes on the ends of the clothesline or rope and the colored ones upside down. The idea is that it does not fade.

11- Tip: Choose the best time of day to hang the clothes

In other words, it is best to hang your clothes in the morning to take advantage of the midday heat and allow the garments to dry completely.

12- Tip: Clothes must be completely dry

Remember, if the clothes do not dry completely, it can cause a musty smell. Therefore, we should not take it off the clothesline until it dries completely.

13- Advice: You have to separate the clothes

A tip from always, is to separate white clothes from black and colored clothes. It is the best so that they do not shed lint or fade. The suggestion is not to ruin the garments.

Let’s follow all these tips and tricks to keep our clothes fresh and scented!

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