Five ways parents can say “no” to children, in a positive way

Parents have the responsibility to ensure the well-being of their children and many times that means denying them certain things or requests.

As in all things, they cannot be given a YES as an answer to everything they ask for, there is a necessary balance for their healthy growth.

Logically, we do not want to transmit these NO in a negative and resounding way all the time, so we are going to learn ways to do it in a positive way.

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Five ways parents can say “no” to children in a positive way.
It is about using other alternatives to transmit something positive and not feel frustrated.

1- Propose something else

If our son’s request is to go to an “amusement park” and it does not seem convenient, we can suggest or propose another place. The idea is that he does some activity, such as painting, playing at home, board games, etc.

The key is that you expend your energy and feel happy, even if that means that we cannot satisfy that request.

2- We postpone the plan for another day

It’s just about explaining that we can’t for certain reasons at that time, but that it can be done at another time. The question is to use the right words and that he can understand us, at the same time it is very important that we then comply with what we told him, the best way for him to trust us.

3- Explain the consequences

Explaining that he will suffer consequences for his actions is necessary, for example: if he breaks his brother’s toy or is fighting him, among other things that could happen. Without a doubt, it is necessary to explain to him that he will NOT receive prizes for his bad behavior, quite the opposite.

You must understand the difference in what is received, when it behaves well and when it does not.

4- It is necessary to clarify the rules in the home

It is essential not to wait for things to happen, it is suggested to explain and clarify the rules in the home and then they will make a decision. That is, they must know that they will not consume “junk food”, watch too much television or excessive use of any device, etc.

Children are very intelligent and know that following the rules of the home is the best, and they can also be rewarded for their good behavior.

5- Use good humor

We all know that in the different aspects of life, when things are said in a good mood, they have excellent results than if we do it or say it in a negative way.

The same happens with raising children, if parents use good humor, everything is learned and corrected. In fact, things are taken in a lighter way and anything is overcome.

Let’s learn to follow these recommendations and tips to get the best results in parenting!

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