How to prevent lint from sticking to black clothes

Lint appearing on clothes is very common, especially black clothes tend to fill with lint. Many times it happens when we wash them and also when we have pets on them, which is why you have to know how to treat it.

We must know that the lint arises from the same wear of the clothes, there are also loose threads or friction with other garments. In fact, the more we wash our clothes, the more lint we get.

The reason is because the fiber of the fabric is more damaged, although there are also fabrics that are more prone to fluff. For example, in the case of wool or cotton, its nature makes it become small balls.

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The good news is that clothes can be prevented from becoming full of lint, we can even buy rollers, lint removers, but there are also very effective home tricks to prevent lint.

Now, let’s see some of these tricks that we can use with excellent results:

  1. Separate the garments

A simple trick but with good results, you have to separate the clothes. It is the best method to prevent garments from releasing more threads, and depending on the type of garment, it will be the soap that we use.

For example, polyester, wool or thick clothes are the ones that release the most fluff.

  1. Check the clothes and what we keep inside the pockets

Something that is obvious but many times we forget, is precisely to check that there are no napkins, tissues or similar in a pocket. As we know when it gets wet, it will release the lint and it will stick to other clothes.

However, it will be difficult to remove each piece of lint, so it is best to prevent it from remaining in our pockets.

  1. Hand wash delicate garments

The best option is to wash delicate garments by hand, in fact in the washing machine we have a washing cycle for this type of clothing.

  1. Wash clothes inside out

This is a very successful advice and regardless of whether the clothes are black or other colors, it is best to wash them by turning them inside out. It is that the part that you wear on the outside we leave it inside, in this way we take care of it.

  1. With pumice stone

The pumice stone can become a great ally to remove lint that sticks to black clothes, you just have to moisten it and carefully pass it over the clothes.

  1. Add baby wipes to the washing machine

It is about adding 2 wet wipes to the washing machine and then we will put the clothes to wash. These wipes will collect fluff, hair, etc. It is recommended to add a maximum of 3 wipes to each batch of clothes that we put to wash, remember that they must be very wet.

A related suggestion is to choose thicker wipes, the idea is that they can withstand the wash cycle without breaking.

  1. White vinegar as an ally

When we organize the washing, in addition to adding the soap, we must add half a cup of white vinegar. Without a doubt, it will be very helpful so that the garments do not wear out or release any type of lint.

Let’s follow all these tricks to prevent lint from sticking to black clothes!

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