How to plant plums in a pot

Planting a plum tree is much easier than we think. How beautiful it would be to have our own tree! We would have freshly harvested fruit every day.

We encourage you to stop dreaming and try to grow your own plum tree. With the following steps that we will teach you, you can surely achieve it!

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It is estimated that after 3 years, a plum tree will already be mature enough to bear its first fruits. But once it does, it won’t stop and each harvest will be even more bountiful.

The good thing is that we will not need a large space to do it, as long as we have a very large pot to later transplant the small plant that we achieve, it will be enough for it to continue growing.

How to plant plum in a pot

Obtaining a plum plant from a seed is much easier than you think. Before we should follow the following steps, so that growing it is a success:

Get a quality seed

  1. First of all, it is essential to choose a good seed. It must be a quality one, and the best way we have to corroborate that the result will be a tasty fruit, is to try it.
  2. So we recommend that you try a couple of plums and once you find one that you really like, reserve the pit. We must try to ensure that the plums we try are organic, since many times the ones we buy at the grocery store come from plants that are treated with chemicals for growth.
  3. Now, once we have the bone or pit, we will let it dry in a place where it receives sunlight and air for about 3 days. In this way it will be much easier to remove the seed that is inside the pit.
  4. After these days, we will open it with the help of a hammer very gently so as not to damage the seed. If it breaks, we will not be able to use it to plant it.

Germinate the seed

  1. For the germination of the seed, we must prepare it. To do this, we will fill a glass with water and put it there, if we see that it floats, the seed will not work. But if we see that it sinks, that will be the chosen seed. We will leave it resting there for 24 hours.
  2. After this time, we will put a little organic substrate in a small container, we will moisten it and there we will place the seed. We will cover it with a thin layer of substrate, then we will put this container in a plastic bag and close it well so that no air enters.
  3. We will take it to the refrigerator, we will place it in the lower part where it remains dark and where it will not receive the direct cold. A plum seed will take approximately 4 weeks to germinate, so we must be patient.
  4. Putting the seed in the refrigerator is key, it will greatly facilitate the germination process.

Plant the seed

  1. After the germination time, we will notice that the seed has sprouted white roots. Then it will be time to choose the right pot to plant our seed. This must be wide and it is important that it drains the water very well.
  2. We will fill 3/4 parts of the pot with organic substrate, if possible mixed with earthworm humus. We will make a hole with our finger and there we will carefully place the germinated seed. We will cover with a thin layer of substrate.
  3. Now the last step for our seed to develop is to place it in the right place. This should be a place where it receives direct sunlight but does not receive strong winds.

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