Where to pet your dog to calm down when stressed

Surely, if we have pets, it is logical that we understand them and know how to interpret certain behavior of our dog. In fact, a special bond of understanding is established with our pet. Therefore, when our dog is restless we know how to treat it.

As we well know, caresses play a fundamental role in controlling and keeping our dog calm.

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Let’s see some guidelines to follow that will help us a lot in the care of our dog:

How to calm our dog if he is stressed

By nature we know that the dog is a sociable animal and looks for a way to make itself understood, obviously it communicates with body language. So, in the same way, he understands when he is caressed so that he can cry out.

Next, let’s learn about points on the body where they should be caressed:

On the chest:

Actually, the chest is the dog’s favorite place to be petted and it responds well. It is the best way to give him affection, he also perceives our tranquility and we transmit the same to him. Especially when he is scared, it is the area where receiving caresses calms him down completely.

Lower part of the loin:

If we observe that our dog is insecure, the best recommendation is to caress the lower part of the back. This will undoubtedly reassure him and give him security.

On the other hand, if we see that his tail is raised, it indicates that he is on alert. Therefore, it will be better to take certain precautions.

Behind the ears:

The key caresses will make our pet calm and stress-free, even behind the ears is an ideal point to help him be much calmer. In addition, in this part we will show him our affection that will leave him calmer.


The stomach area is the most desired part of the dog, they really enjoy being pampered there. When they’re down and we pat them on the stomach, they pick up their spirits.

Let’s always try to caress them on the belly and we will see that they respond positively. On the other hand, there are areas that should be avoided:

Areas to avoid

For example, if we see that our pet is scared, afraid or in a state of alert, we suggest not touching certain parts that they dislike.

Such as the legs, the snout and the tail, stress accumulates there and therefore, we must avoid touching these parts. Otherwise, they will get worse and may react badly.

To finish, the canines always make themselves understood and communicate with us, you just have to know how to interpret the signals.

Let’s follow all these tips and recommendations for our well-being and that of our faithful companion!

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