Learn to Grow Potatoes in a Pot – Step by Step

One of the most used ingredients in the world can be grown in just a pot. We are talking about the potato, a tuber that you can use in a lot of recipes.

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You may not notice the difference in taste, but in terms of properties and benefits for our body they change a lot.

You need:

  • Seed potatoes (they are not for consumption, their use is intended for replanting).
  • Flower pot
  • Land (if you don’t have you can buy land especially for planting in a nursery).


In a container with separators we place the potatoes. The “ eye ”, a kind of spot or wound on the tip of the potato, has to be looking at the sky.

We leave it in a cool place and watch each day to see if it sprouts. When the shoots are big and strong, cut the potatoes into parts.

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In a pot approximately 40 cm high we add the soil. Once full, we bury the potato but not so low that it is more or less halfway.

Now all that remains is to water it a few times a day, potatoes grow better in moist soil. But be careful not to overdo it because a fungus could come out that would kill the potato and even make it impossible to plant it in the ground.

If you live in a warm place, it is recommended to water it only twice a day. Taking this into account, it will only be necessary to wait for it to be ready to harvest.

To know when it is ready to harvest check the foliage of the plant, if it is yellow it means that it is ready to dig up the potatoes.

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For this we can dig or dump the entire contents of the pot. Then we wash each one, and they would be ready for consumption.

Also, you can separate 1 or 2 to replant, you just need to repeat the process exactly the same and without fail.

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