3 Tricks to Plant Roses, easily

Many people try to root cut roses but are unsuccessful. Sometimes, depending on the quality of the rose, it may not bud at all.

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Next, we show you how to plant roses with the following tricks so that you can have many roses easily and effectively.

1- How to take root in the water

You only need the rose branch, a glass and water. It is very important to keep the glass with the rose in a semi-shaded place so that it can continue to photosynthesise.

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2- Plant twigs in the ground with sweet potatoes

Use sweet potatoes to fortify with lots of nutrients and help keep the plant hydrated.

3- Plant roses in a PET greenhouse

A PET bottle serves as a greenhouse to create the best possible environment for rooting. This PET has liquid rooting at the bottom, soil rich in organic matter and very light in the middle.

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