If you have one of these plants in your house, take care of it because you have a treasure

If you are a nature lover and would like to give your home that touch of purity and freshness that only plants can give, you have to see the following article where you will learn a little more about them.

Perhaps you have had one of the plants that I am going to talk about below for a long time, and you did not know the benefits that they can provide you, either in the energy balance of your home, or because of the medicinal properties that they can provide you. I invite you to stay until the end, and learn a little more about these beauties that will adorn your house.

From today you will take care of these plants as if they were precious stones

1- The Chrysanthemum

It is a plant of Asian origin. In Japan it is the national flower. This is used as an offering on the day of the faithful departed. The Chrysanthemum is a resistant plant and easy to grow, preferably in sunlight.

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2- The Ribbon or Malamadre

It is an herb with thick roots, its shape is a rosette of narrow and long leaves, small flowers emerge from the stolons, its bearing is hanging. They are ideal for decorating rooms and kitchens. These plants prefer indoor humidity and light. They purify the air, since they act by eliminating carbon monoxide and cigarette smoke in the environment.

Likewise, the ribbon tea contains properties that help cell regeneration of all organs, it is also said to have anti-carcinogenic properties.

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3- Red or Green Aglaonema

It is an elegant plant, they can be obtained in various shapes and shades depending on their species. It develops very well under artificial light. It is an excellent air purifier, as it has a range of up to fifty meters. However, it should be placed in places that are not within the reach of children and pets, since it is not a plant to consume because it is toxic.

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4- African daisy

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5- Anthurium Or Better Known As Calas

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Anthuriums or Calas, are very striking for their leaves and flowers. They do best indoors, as they prefer indirect sunlight, they should always be kept in moist, not wet soil. These beautiful plants have the ability to absorb ammonia, absorb xylene, bleach, tobacco smoke. So they can be placed perfectly in the bathroom or in the kitchen.

Did you think it was great? Me too! So from now on, take good care of them, and share this information with your friends so that they are also aware of the wonders that these spectacular plants can offer them.

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