See how you can create beautiful centerpieces with calla lilies, leaves and stones

Are you a nature lover? If so, then you will love these beautiful centerpieces! Because they are really easy to make for a special occasion.

If you have an important celebration and you want everything to look like a magazine, then you should pay close attention to this information, because I will show you how to highlight the decoration of your event.

On this occasion I will talk to you about different types of centerpieces made in a simple but at the same time elegant way with calla lilies or coves. Finish watching them all!

Centerpieces for special occasions, simple and cheap


Gannets or coves
Tall, plain vases or vases without any texture or pattern
Floating candles
stones to decorate

1- The only thing you need to make this beautiful centerpiece is a short square vase, and place 2 or 3 calla lilies inside (as shown in the image)

0 51

2- These centers are beautiful, you have to combine fine vases (high and low) to make them look spectacular on the table. Just put calla lilies inside and some water. To decorate place inside those long green leaves that are shown in the image

1 54

3- This one is very simple but spectacular, you can use it for a wedding or baptism because it looks great. You just need a low square vase and place the calla lilies with a little water. You like?

2 44

4- Put some small stones inside a tall vase to decorate and give it dimension, then put the calla lilies and that’s it

3 27

5- This centerpiece is also ideal for a wedding or a very special occasion, it is simple and easy to make but very elegant. You just have to combine high and low vases with the calla lilies inside and finally put a floating candle on them

4 29

6- This center is very similar to the previous one, you only decorate it with transparent stones in the background and combine it with large white roses. The final touch is the floating candle

5 23

7- You can do this with a fishbowl and many bushy white flowers, it will be beautiful if you do it as is with its white cord

6 20

8- Simple but elegant to place it on any table, do it with a small vase, many calla lilies and some palm leaves to highlight

7 17

9- A very delicate, simple and elegant centerpiece, the perfect combination for that occasion in which you want everything to come out and look good

8 16

10- This last center is beautiful and simple but if you place it next to the wedding cake it will be the center of attraction for the guests

9 12

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Source: Eight Cubs

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