How to Germinate and Care for the Burro’s Tail Plant (and its Flowering)

This plant does not need much attention, it will suffice to water it and transplant it from time to time, although take care not to damage its delicate leaves. Let the substrate dry before watering it and water it less in winter.

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This plant reproduces easily by making a cut and then burying it in slightly moist soil.

Wait 1 week before watering it again, as long as it’s not cold. Another option is to reproduce it through the seeds that the flowers give.

When the plant is small it can be grown in small decorative vases, but when the stems have reached their maximum extension it should be placed high up so that the leaves are not damaged.

The ideal place is a hanging planter on the wall or on top of a shelf, where you can enjoy the cascade of leaves.


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Avoid putting them on the north façade which will not receive direct sunlight during the day. Near a south facing window would be the best place in your house.


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Water the plant generously and regularly, but less often than other houseplants.

In winter, you can reduce watering even less often because the plant is dormant and does not grow.

The irrigation periods will change according to the climatic conditions of your area and some specialties that your plant has.


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It must be planted in good draining soil. For this reason, you must plant it in specially prepared soil. Never use regular potting or garden soil. What they hate most is being on a soggy floor for too long.


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Burro’s tail does not flower very often and can take several years to start flowering. They are very beautiful, they produce small pink flowers with yellow inside.

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