How to turn Used Tires into Flower Pots to decorate your Garden

Tires are a real pollution problem, and very little is recycled. However, there are excellent ideas to give them another use, especially in the garden, turning them into pots or even entire gardens.

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They can be easily cut with a large, sharp knife, and can be painted any color with spray paint.

Here’s how to turn a lot of old tires into beautiful planters for the garden.

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  • First, with a punch we open a hole in the tire, it has to be in the side seam. So let’s try to make the hole bigger with the sharp knife.
  • Once you see that the hole is bigger, we need to pass the iron bar on the edge.
  • Now, we need to lift the top so we can cut straight through the rim.
  • We can cover the inner hole of the rim with a wooden or plastic board, or whatever you have on hand.
  • We can paint our tire with the color that we want, to give more color and a unique touch to our garden.
  • All that remains is to fill the painted tire with soil and put plants to our liking.

Other amazing ideas to reuse tires:

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  • Toys: You can turn used tires into swings, tunnels, obstacles, or various structures for children to play on. In addition to being resistant, being made of rubber, they are also safe.
  • Garbage cans: You only need to stack the tires, glue them and paint them to differentiate the type of waste that goes in each one.
  • Pet bed: Place a custom mattress in the center (if you are more skilled you can sew it) and that’s it.
  • Exercise accessories: Used tires can be used to jump and test your coordination or in crossfit-type routines where you must carry them.

It is important to open some holes in the tire so that it is well drained and the water does not stagnate in our pot.

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