Cultivating Coriander in Water at Home

Cultivating coriander (often known as Cilantro) using a water method and a strainer can be a delightful and fruitful endeavor. Here’s how you can do it:

little coriander plant

Required Supplies:

  • Coriander seeds
  • A sieve or mesh holder
  • A flat dish or pan
  • Water
  • Optional: Planting soil


coriander seeds
  1. Pick Your Seeds: Buy coriander seeds from a gardening store or utilize those from store-bought coriander (cilantro). Ensure the seeds are intact and not pulverized.
  2. Prep Your Sieve: Opt for a sieve or mesh holder that provides good drainage while retaining the seeds. Clean it thoroughly.
  3. Seed Soaking: Immerse the coriander seeds in a vessel, covering them with water. Allow them to soak for around 24 hours. This initiates the germination process by softening the seed casings.
  4. Cleanse the Seeds: Post-soaking, give the seeds a good wash to eliminate any remaining particles.
  5. Sieve Set-up: Position the sieve over a flat dish or pan to gather any dripping water. Distribute the soaked seeds evenly in the sieve.
  6. Moisture Management: It’s essential to keep the seeds adequately moist but not drenched. Introducing a bit of water to the pan below the sieve helps in creating a humid environment. The sieve’s design should facilitate drainage of excess water.
  7. Sunlight Regulation: Coriander thrives better with indirect sunlight. Locate a spot with bright but diffused sunlight or a semi-shaded area for the sieve.
  8. Observe and Patience: Your coriander seeds might require a few days or even weeks to show sprouts. During this phase, ensure the seeds remain moist. Once you see the sprouts, you can opt to proceed with the water-based growth or move them to potting soil.
  9. Harvest Strategy: When the coriander plants attain a decent height, begin your harvest. Use shears to snip the leaves, making sure to retain some for future growth.
  10. Water Refresh: Periodically replace the water to keep it clean and inhibit any algae or fungus formation.
coriander harvested

Cultivating coriander with water and a sieve offers a straightforward technique to relish freshly grown cilantro in your home. The key to success lies in managing moisture and ensuring the right lighting conditions.

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