Cherry tomatoes are the delightful jewels of the garden. These bite-sized fruits pack a punch of sweet or tangy flavors, making them perfect for salads, snacking, or simply enjoying off the vine. If you’re considering adding cherry tomatoes to your garden, here’s a list of 17 varieties that stand out for their taste, color, and growth characteristics.

1. Sungold

A gardener’s favorite, Sungold cherry tomatoes boast a unique tropical sweetness with a hint of tartness. Their vibrant orange color makes them a standout in any dish.

1 sungold

2 .Sweet Million

Living up to its name, this variety offers a bounty of super-sweet red fruits that are ideal for snacking and salads.

2 sweet million

3. Black Cherry

Offering a rich, complex flavor, Black Cherry tomatoes feature a deep purple-black hue. They’re perfect for adding a burst of color and taste to dishes.

3 black cherry

4. Yellow Pear

Shaped like tiny pears, these tomatoes have a mild, sweet flavor with a slightly tangy edge. Their bright yellow color provides a striking contrast in salads.

4 yellow pear

5. Red Robin

Perfect for container gardens, Red Robin tomatoes are compact and yield a steady supply of tasty, red fruits.

5 red robin

6. Green Grape

Offering a tangy twist, Green Grape tomatoes remain green when ripe. They provide a crunchy texture and a unique taste to any dish.

6 green grape

7. Isis Candy

This bi-colored variety showcases red-yellow marbled fruits with a honey-like sweetness that lives up to its name.

7 isis candy

8. Super Sweet 100

As the name suggests, Super Sweet 100 produces a plethora of extremely sweet, red cherry tomatoes. They’re a favorite for fresh eating.

8 super sweet 100

9. Matt’s Wild Cherry

Originating from Mexico, this variety offers small, red fruits with an intense tomato flavor. They’re great for salads or snacking.

9 matts wild cherry

10. Riesentraube

Hailing from Germany, Riesentraube tomatoes feature a unique pointy shape and a rich tomato taste.

10 riesentraube

11. Snow White

This pale-yellow variety offers a delicate sweetness that can be likened to melon or grape. It’s a unique choice for those looking to experiment with flavors.

11 snow white

12. Blue Berries

Starts off green with blue-purple hues at the top, ripening to almost black. It boasts a balanced flavor profile and is high in antioxidants.

12 blue berries

13. Tumbling Tom

Ideal for hanging baskets or containers, Tumbling Tom tomatoes drape beautifully and are prolific bearers of sweet, red fruits.

13 tumbling tom

14. Chadwick Cherry

A classic choice, Chadwick Cherry tomatoes offer a delightful balance of sweetness and acidity.

14 chadwick cherry

15. Golden Nugget

These bite-sized, golden-yellow tomatoes mature early and deliver a sweet, yet tangy punch.

15 golden nugget

16. Tiny Tim

Another excellent choice for container gardening, Tiny Tim is a dwarf variety that produces succulent, red fruits.

16 tiny tim

17. Peacevine Cherry

Packed with amino acids, Peacevine is not only flavorful but also has calming properties. These red fruits have a well-rounded tomato flavor with a hint of sweetness.

17 peacevine cherry

No matter your preference—whether it’s for the sweetest tomato or the most vibrant color—you’ll find a cherry tomato variety to suit your taste. By adding some of these top picks to your garden, you’ll enjoy a burst of flavors and colors that will elevate your culinary dishes and garden aesthetics. Happy planting!

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