Cinnamon for your Plants: Discover its benefits and notice how it improves your garden

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Surely you already know or have heard of the great benefits that cinnamon provides to our body.

But, cinnamon also works as a great natural fungicide and can become a powerful natural fertilizer for all kinds of plants.

Using cinnamon on plants will promote healthy root growth, effectively protect plants, and function as a natural fertilizer.

1- Helps to generate roots in plants

Using cinnamon on your plants will make them take root quickly and safely. If you have been given a cutting or you want to form a new plant from one you already have, cinnamon will be your ally to get a strong and healthy plant.

Just put a little cinnamon on the stem tip of the cutting, and then plant as usual, the same with a leaf.

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2- Natural fungicide

There is nothing better than using cinnamon as protection for your plants. It works as a powerful anti – insect fungicide, keeping mealybugs, aphids, flies and even ants away.

Also, it prevents the formation of fungus and mold, helping to heal any kind of wound you have.

3- We will have a healthy garden

Cinnamon will work wonders throughout your garden. It has a fertilizing effect on all our plants, helping them to grow healthy and strong.

If you have decided to use it, we advise you to first do a good cleaning in your garden, removing stems and dry leaves. Then we put cinnamon in the soil and let this powerful fertilizer work.

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There are many ways to use cinnamon on your plants, and here are 2 of the best.

– So that the cuttings grow quickly

  • 10 g cinnamon powder
  • 2 ground aspirin
  • 500cc of water

Procedure :

  • We put the cinnamon and ground aspirin in the water.
  • Mix and let stand for 24 hours. After this time, we strain the water, discarding the remaining residues.
  • We put the water in a container and inside the cuttings, and let it rest for 3 hours.
  • Then we put the cuttings in a pot.
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– To fertilize our plants

Another way you can use it is by spraying it directly on the ground. It is important that before doing so you clean your garden well, and if necessary prune your plants.

It is important to remove the leaves and stems that are not useful. Also, you can use cinnamon sticks to make tea and spray on plants that need it most.

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