No time? 8 very resistant plants for you to have at home

Hardy plants are a great option for those just starting out on this plant care adventure.

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Next, you will know some of the most resistant plants, which will give a unique touch to your home.

Sword of Saint George

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It is a very popular plant, known precisely for being quite resistant, as well as being famous for repelling negative energies in the house. This plant adapts very well to different environments. It can last a long time without watering and with less light than normal.

Tiger tongue

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This plant has the same characteristics as its sister, The Sword of Saint George. What they have different is the shape of the leaves, which on the tongue are thinner and more plump. But, both are great for those who forget to take great care of plants, in details like watering them and putting them in the sun, much less fertilizing them every now and then.


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The fern has some requirements, but if you meet them, the plant will be quiet in a corner, resisting the climate very well. The important thing is to place it in a more shady place, without direct sunlight on the leaves, and in a place at the top, where it can hang without receiving too much wind and without moving.

Peace lily

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This is a plant that decorates environments very well, because you put it in a large pot and it grows in size, becoming very voluminous. If you leave it in a corner of the house where it is not even sunny, it will survive. Just be careful as it is toxic. If you have pets or small children, better avoid it.

Dragon tail plant

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The dragontail plant is very hardy, surviving well in shade or sun, with enough or little water. It is ideal for hanging higher and allowing it to spread downwards or to the sides. If it has a place to cling to, it will become a pretty climber, very easy to maintain.

Zanzibar Gem

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Pretty, with very green leaves and a more erect stem, this is a medium-sized plant, perfect for placing in a large pot on the floor, in that corner of the room. It can be watered a lot or hardly receive water. You can put it in the sun (not totally) or simply in the shade, and it will always survive beautiful.


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Jade ( crassula ovata ) is a succulent that likes a very bright place, but does not need to be in full sun. However, you won’t complain if you get a few hours of sunshine a day. Therefore, you can stay close to the window. It grows fast, it stays quiet for a while without receiving water, and it grows into a very beautiful bush.

Chinese money plant

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This cute round-leaved plant can stand on the coffee table in the center of the living room without direct sunlight on it, and only receive that basic watering. In this mild climate, neither too dry nor too humid, it multiplies and forms new leaves and seedlings a little each day, each day more and more beautiful.

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