7 Dwarf fruit trees you can grow in pots (small space, no problem)

When we think of various fruits, we only think of large gardens or fields with many of them as the only option to get them. Of course it never occurred to us that many of these fruit trees adapt very well in a small space like our balcony or garden.


Many varieties of these trees adapt very well to a pot , such as apples, cherries and even oranges. They will look good on your balcony.

1.- Blueberries

fresh blueberry with blueberry trees in farm

With a 30 cm diameter pot, you can grow blueberries. You just have to keep in mind that it will have to be protected from birds, that it should be in the sun and when watering it is best to use rainwater. The soil that you should put in is the one that has acid components.


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To have beautiful plums you must have a 60 cm diameter pot. This pot must be in a protected place, to never get damaged by frost. The pots must have a very good drainage, so it is advisable to mix the soil with sand. It tends to grow in a fan shape.

3.- Pears

3 33

Potted pears grow well in a 18 inches diameter pot. The only thing to keep in mind with pears is to have fleece on hand to cover the branches when they are in flower at low temperatures. They grow bush-shaped or U-shaped like a cord.

4.- Calamondín orange

orange tree in a pot blue sea in background

Those that are of the calamondines variety are the best to grow in pots. These pots should have a diameter of 30 to 45 cm.

These oranges are acidic, and it is not the best option to eat directly, it is used to make excellent jams, as well as to add to cold drinks. They are very aromatic.

5.- Apples

little apple tree

Apple trees have dwarf roots, making them a perfect fruit tree to grow in pots . These pots should have a diameter between 45 and 50 cm. You should take into account that they need to be in a place protected from the wind and that has the sun.

6.- Cherries

6 24

These beautiful fruit trees have a large number of flowers and in summer they fill with fruits. The required pot is one whose diameter is not less than 60 cm. The sweet ones need the sun while the sour ones require shade. As they have shallow roots, they need a good watering in the summer and in the dry seasons.

7.- Lemons

Lemon tree in yellow flowerpot in bright white colors with picture frame with blurred white wall background. Nice delicate decorations on small white table.

To have your tree in a pot you just have to remove the seeds from a lemon, wash them, cut them a little and bury them in a small container, like a glass. You will have to wait approximately 15 days with a good watering and covering the glass with paper and then you can transplant them to a pot. Use pots with a diameter no less than 45 cm and water it every 2 days in the summer and the rest of the year 1 time a week.

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