6 Signs that a Cactus or Succulent needs to be transplanted

Cacti and succulents need a little TLC from time to time, even if they are planted occasionally.

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Here’s how to know when to transplant cacti and succulents into larger pots.

1- The roots come out of the pot

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If roots start to appear from the bottom of the pot, it’s time to resize. This is a clear indication that it is time to change your pot for a bigger one.

2- The plant is yellow or wrinkled

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If you have a cactus or succulent and it looks a little yellow or very wrinkled, it could be due to 2 reasons :

The land is bad and must be changed.
The pests are found in the soil in the roots. Remove the cacti from the pot, if there are no signs of pests in the soil, repot them, but if there are pests in the soil, they should be treated before returning the plant to a pot of new soil.

3- The pot is overloaded

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The next sign is that the plant is heavily loaded at the top. Every time you buy a new succulent or cactus, you have to plant it in a larger pot than it came in, so you can avoid doing this later and the plant will not be easily stressed.

4- Newly bought pot

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The next sign that a cactus or succulent needs a repot is when you bought a new one, because even if it’s in a nice pot, you don’t know what kind of soil they used or if there are any pests in it.

When you buy a new plant, it is ideal to remove it from the pot, remove the old soil and put in a good quality, well – drained cacti and succulent mix.

5- It has been in the same pot for a long time

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If your plant has been in the same pot and soil for many years, it’s time to change it.

It’s a good idea to repot it, even if it just means adding new soil (rather than replacing it with a larger pot).

The plant may look healthy, but it is always good to give the new soil a little refreshment.

6- The plant has stopped growing

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If your plant has stopped growing despite receiving proper care, it’s time to transplant it.

Also, the lack of growth may be due to something going on in the root system.

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