5 Indoor Hanging Plants to Decorate your House

If we think of interior decoration, stylish furniture, paintings, tapestries, lamps, etc. always come to mind. But, the trend “garden room” and as its name indicates, is to decorate a room where plants are the protagonists.

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It is necessary to clarify that it is not about flower arrangements, but about plants. And in this case, I bring you a list of hanging plants to decorate your home. In this way we can be in contact with nature, our house will look like an oasis, and not least, we will have fresh air thanks to the oxygenation process of the plants.

One thing to keep in mind is that the pots should hang from a beam or structure that is strong enough to support the weight of the plant.

1- Carnation of the air


One of the advantages of this plant is that it is very easy to maintain. They do not need soil , as they collect moisture and nutrients through the leaves. These are thin and elongated, of a mossy green color, and their flowers have pink and violet or blue colors.

This is a plant with a tropical environment, so for it to grow, we must place it in a place with good lighting, although it should not be directly exposed to the sun. We can use a curtain or screen to diffuse the light.

2- Rosary plant


This plant is also known as hanging balls, because its leaves are shaped like small green spheres that hang from the stems. Eventually it gives some very delicate white flowers. This combination makes it very showy for us to have at home.

As part of the succulent family, it needs little watering. For it to grow, we have to place it in a well-lit place, preferably near a window.

I suggest you water it every 10 or 15 days. If you over water, the roots can rot which will cause the plant to die.

3- Ferns


There are different types of ferns, and so do their leaves . They can be small and triangular, long and wide with a purple line in the middle of the leaf , and one of the best known, the feathery fern, which has thin stems, leaves with many branches, and bear white or green flowers. This species is widely used in flower arrangements and decoration.

They grow well in dim or shady environments. It needs humidity, so watering must be frequent.

4- Pothos


It is a climbing plant with stems that can reach a great length . Its leaves are heart-shaped, green with yellowish veins.

For the plant to develop it needs to be exposed to light . If it is in places with poor lighting, the stems will become weak and the leaves will drop. The same happens if we exceed the irrigation. It is convenient that we let the soil dry before watering it.

5- Peperomia

This plant always keeps its leaves. These are round, dark green in color with light streaks, almost a pastel shade. At first it grows upright, but then the stems begin to lean, making it very attractive to hang.

It needs a lot of indirect light. And to water it, we should wait for the earth to dry and never wet the leaves.

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