5 fast growing fruit trees

Some fruit trees take 2-3 years to produce fruit, a fraction of the time it takes other trees to produce fresh fruit.

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But, you don’t have to wait that long, in this article we will show you some fast growing fruit trees.

Fig tree

It grows wonderfully in areas with a Mediterranean climate, although its origin is Asian. It is not very demanding in terms of soil, yes, the drier, the slower the growth.

Its cultivation is preferable in winter, and it needs high levels of water to produce fruits. It tolerates temperatures well, but hates cold and frost.

If you provide the right conditions you will be able to enjoy the richest figs in the world in a couple of years, it will not be a huge harvest but it will be enough. It is advisable to prune it so that it grows healthier and stronger during the spring.

If you want your fruit tree to produce juicy figs, follow these tips:


It is a tree that withstands any type of temperature well in cold or hot environments in summer. Prefers soil that is kept moist.

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It flowers in April and bears fruit in May in the northern hemisphere ( 6 months more in the south ). Also, if you want to grow it, it is recommended that you make a deep bed with organic matter and soil of about 20 or 30 cm so that it grows faster.

Lemon tree

It does not exceed 4 m in height but it is a most aesthetic tree. The young trees already grafted, once transplanted and in a favorable climate, will bear fruit in 1 or 2 years.

It is sensitive to cold, so it is recommended that you cover it with a protective cloth to protect it from frost.

One of its main problems is fungus, avoid having the soil too wet.

Not only lemon is used from the lemon tree, its wood is highly demanded for cabinet making.

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It is one of the fastest growing trees of its kind. It is characterized by its beautiful flowering and its red, rich and juicy fruits.

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It grows 1 meter each year but we will have to wait 2 or 3 years to enjoy its cherries.

In addition, it can reach 100 years. It does not need much care, it is quite strong.


It is the fastest nut-producing tree in existence. It needs a high degree of humidity and siliceous soil.

You will have to pay attention to the ‘chestnut ink’ disease, which is caused by a fungus that causes the total destruction of the specimen. However, there are many other pests and diseases that you should be aware of.

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