3 home remedies to eliminate the cottony mealybug

There are many insects that can ruin our plants, and one of them is the famous cottony mealybug.

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It is one of the most harmful insects with an appearance similar to aphids. This insect adheres to the leaves and begins to suck all the sap from the plant, causing it to dry up completely.

Luckily, there are home tricks that can help us fight these insects. In this article we show you 3 homemade tricks so you can fight these annoying parasites.

Alcohol and Cotton

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It should be applied quickly, moisten a little cotton with alcohol and pass it through the back of each sheet.

The important thing is to do it quickly, we would have to be aware of the plants ( especially in the part of their leaves ).

Be careful, because if there is any live insect left, it may be re-infected with these parasites that want to dry it out.

Bar soap and Cotton

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In a container pour 1 cup of warm water. Then we put the bar soap and let it soak for a while. You will notice that the water gradually becomes viscous, that is when we soak the cotton and proceed to pass it through the leaves.

Now, there are some succulents that are somewhat complicated to get to where the cochineal is, so we simply do the same trick, but pour all the liquid into a spray bottle.

We simply spray well and let it dry naturally. I recommend that you spray at least 1 time a week with this mixture so that there are no future insects.

Garlic and Water

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We will use 75 g of garlic ( 1 or 2 cloves of garlic ), peel it and crush it well. Then we put it in a container and pour hot water. Let stand until cool.

Then, we put all the liquid in an atomizer and proceed to spray the affected plant. We recommend that you spray 3 times a week.

– Tips

Don’t forget to regularly check the back of the sheets because it is precisely there that pests stay.

Once we identify the pests, we must immediately apply some of the homemade tricks that we mentioned above.

In addition, the infected plant must be moved away so that they do not become infected. Also, it is important to periodically apply organic fertilizers, with the aim of preventing the appearance of the cotton mealybug.

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