The Simplest Method to Grow Water Spinach in Plastic Bottles, Harvested After 10 Days

Water spinach, also known as “kangkong” or “morning glory,” is a fast-growing leafy vegetable commonly consumed in many Asian countries. Growing water spinach hydroponically is an efficient way to produce fresh greens in a limited space. Using plastic bottles adds to this efficiency by repurposing waste and minimizing costs. Here’s a step-by-step guide to growing hydroponic water spinach in plastic bottles, ready for harvest in just 10 days.

1. Materials Needed:

  • Plastic bottles (1.5L or 2L)
  • Water spinach seeds
  • Hydroponic nutrient solution
  • Cotton wool or rock wool
  • Scissors or knife
  • Water
  • Optional: Air stone and air pump (for aeration)

2. Preparing the Plastic Bottle:

  1. Clean the Bottle: Ensure the plastic bottle is thoroughly cleaned. Remove any labels and rinse the inside with water.
  2. Cut the Bottle: Using scissors or a knife, cut the top third off the bottle. The bottom will serve as the reservoir, and the top, when inverted, will be where the plants grow.

3. Planting the Seeds:

  1. Seed Placement: Wet the cotton wool or rock wool with water. Place 2-3 water spinach seeds on the moistened cotton or rock wool.
  2. Position in Bottle: Invert the top part of the bottle (like a funnel) and place the cotton or rock wool with the seeds in the neck of the bottle.

4. Preparing the Nutrient Solution:

  1. Mixing: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to mix the hydroponic nutrient solution with water. Ensure the concentration is suitable for leafy greens.
  2. Filling: Pour the nutrient solution into the bottom part of the bottle until it almost reaches the neck. The cotton or rock wool should touch the solution, allowing it to wick up the nutrients to the seeds.

5. Growth Conditions:

  1. Light: Place the bottle in a location with good sunlight, preferably 4-6 hours daily. If sunlight is limited, consider using a grow light.
  2. Aeration (Optional): While water spinach doesn’t require a high oxygen concentration, for optimal growth, you can add an air stone connected to an air pump to the nutrient solution. This will enhance oxygen levels and promote faster growth.

6. Maintenance:

  1. Monitor Water Levels: Ensure that the nutrient solution always touches the cotton or rock wool. Add more solution if it runs low.
  2. Check Growth: Observe the growth of the water spinach. It should start sprouting within 2-3 days.

7. Harvesting:

  1. Harvest Time: After 10 days, your water spinach should have grown significantly and will be ready for harvest.
  2. Cutting: Using scissors, cut the leaves, leaving about 2 inches from the roots. This allows the plant to regrow for another harvest.

8. Benefits of This Method:

  • Sustainability: Repurposing plastic bottles reduces waste and promotes recycling.
  • Space-saving: This compact method is perfect for urban dwellers or those with limited garden space.
  • Quick Harvest: Ready in just 10 days, it’s a rapid turnaround from planting to plate.

In conclusion, growing hydroponic water spinach in plastic bottles is a straightforward, sustainable, and space-efficient method. Whether you’re an urban gardener or simply looking to repurpose plastic waste, this method offers a quick and fulfilling gardening project with delicious results.

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