Many grow “The Money Tree” at home. But this is what few know about this plant.

Many have probably heard that, according to Feng Shui, this plant is capable of attracting success, wealth and prosperity, but few people know that it also has natural properties that are very useful for health.

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The money tree is believed to be a kind of indicator of people’s health. In fact, it is said that if it begins to wither , it is because it has absorbed the negative energy of a sick person who lives in the house.

But, as soon as the person recovers, the plant begins to green up and look healthy. In a word, on an energetic level, this amazing plant is closely related to humans.

Properties of the Money Tree

In folk medicine, a porridge made from the juice of its leaves is widely used. This is due to the high content of flavonoids, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties of crassula.

In terms of medicinal properties, only one other famous green competitor compares to it, Aloe vera.

And although crassula has established itself in natural medicine, it should be used externally and with some caution.

The reason is its ability to accumulate arsenic. However, this ability is less in houseplants, which grow in arsenic-poor soils, compared to their wild relatives in South Africa.


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Money tree leaves are applied to calluses. By the way, “callus” is another popular name for this plant. But, first you will need to remove the transparent film from the surface of the sheet.

Then, stick it on the callus, fix it with an adhesive patch and leave it overnight. Also, you can use its leaves by sticking them on burn areas, but only if the burn is not very strong and without blisters.

Bruises, Cuts and Scrapes

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Make a porridge with the leaves of this plant and apply it to the damaged area of ​​the skin. Then secure it with a bandage.

Change the bandage as the mush dries, after 2-3 hours.

Herpes on the lips

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Herpes on the lips is treated with the juice of the leaves of the money tree. To do this, squeeze the juice from the washed leaves and apply it to the affected area every half hour , or soak a cotton swab in this juice and fix it to the affected area with a medical plaster.

Insect bites

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Insect bites are treated by smearing the juice of the leaves of the money tree 4 times a day.

This allows for quick healing and reduces inflammation.


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Thanks to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, the money tree helps to get rid of this unpleasant problem.

If the acne has just appeared and the eruptions are small, cleaning the problem areas with freshly squeezed money tree juice will suffice. This procedure is more effective when applied at night.


Despite all the positive properties of the money tree, its use has its own contraindications. Money tree tinctures and juice are not recommended for pregnant women, lactating women, and children under 12 years of age.

If you use it correctly, this beautiful plant will not only decorate your apartment, but will also bring incredible health benefits to you and your loved ones. The main thing is to follow the recommendations for its use, and also take into account contraindications.

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