How to transplant a Hanging Succulent without damaging it

Whether you have a house full of succulents or just bought your first succulent, knowing how to repot a hanging succulent without damaging it is crucial.

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Before you start repotting a hanging succulent, it is important that you do not do it during its dormant period, i.e. when it is not actively growing, as doing so will disrupt its growth cycle and may end up damaging it.

Start your hanging succulent transplant early in the growing season and avoid doing it during the blooming period. When it begins to flower, the succulent will have to expend almost all of its nutrients to grow its flower buds, which will end up weakening it.

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Although most succulents love to be in a cramped pot, there comes a time when you need to repot them, especially when their roots start to protrude from drainage holes or when they can no longer absorb water or nutrients.

Also, you should consider repotting when creeping succulents begin to outgrow their current container or stretch, as the soil becomes poor quality.

Repotting a hanging succulent 1 or 2 times a year will keep it healthy.

To do so, follow these steps:

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Choose a pot that is 10% larger than the plant.
Cover the drainage holes with a porous material. That’s actually optional. As long as you have a porous pot and have drainage holes that allow water to pass through, you don’t need to cover the holes with any material.
Put between 2.5 to 5 cm of soil in the bottom of the pot.
Pick up the tendrils and put them on top to prevent any damage that might occur to the succulent at transplant time.
Carefully remove the plant from the pot.
Loosen the roots with your fingers before planting. If they are very thick, cut about an inch from the root ball and cut any tangled roots with a knife to encourage new growth. If the root system is small, leave it that way.
Remove more than 1/3 of the old potting mix from around the plant.
Make sure the succulent is in the center and upright. Fill in around the root ball with the new soil mix.
Let the succulent sit for 1 week before watering.

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