How to recover or revive a withered or dried orchid

Without a doubt, orchids are the most beautiful and popular flowers, perfect for decorating any space.

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However, by not giving it the necessary care, the plant can wither or dry out. Therefore, here we tell you how to easily revive a withered orchid.

Among the basic care of orchids is to know first that being of tropical origin they are accustomed to humidity, but the roots should not be flooded, as they could rot and die. Also, you should know that its flowers can last up to 3 months if they have abundant watering.

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How to revive your dried or withered orchid step by step

  1. Take the orchid out of the pot very carefully.
  2. Remove the coconut fiber with which it comes in its original pot.
  3. Mix the coconut fiber with a little pine bark.
  4. Place the orchid in a container of water so that the roots loosen up a bit.
  5. Place the plant in a new pot with very good drainage, it must have holes for photosynthesis to work its magic.
  6. Cover the orchid with the coconut fiber and pine bark mixture.
  7. Spray some fungicide on its leaves to strengthen it.
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If your orchid does not have a flower, you can cut the wand to save energy and not spend what little it has trying to flower.

Remember to apply fertilizer for orchids and continue with daily care, you will see that in a short time your orchid blooms again.

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