How to make an orchid seedling by the rhizome (best method to do it at home)

What you need to know before making the first orchid seedling

At home, the best method of obtaining seedlings is by dividing the rhizomes of adult species, always after the first flowering.

It is also important to know that orchids are differentiated by the type of growth, which can be vertical (monopodial) and horizontal (sympodial). Orchids’ growth mode interferes with obtaining seedlings, and sympodials are the most recommended for multiplication at home.

Vertical-growing orchids are characterized by an elongated stem and by having only one plant per pot, as is the case with Vanda and Falenopsis orchids. Vertical orchids usually have aerial roots. Horizontal orchids, on the other hand, have rhizomes and multiply by buds.

How to make an orchid seedling by the rhizome

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For this process it is important that the adult orchid has already had its first flowering and has at least 6 stems or bulbs.

The right time to cut the stems is when the new shoots are starting to appear.

  1. Start by removing the plant from the pot and cleaning the roots.
  2. Take the opportunity to cut those that are old and dry.
  3. Also remove all the old substrate.
  4. Wash the plant under running water.
  5. With the help of a sterilized knife, separate the rhizomes, cutting the rhizome into seedlings with at least three bulbs each.
  6. Plant each new seedling in a properly prepared pot.

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