How to make a Vertical Garden with Recycled Tires

Do you have little space in the patio of your home, but you really want to have your own home garden? Then this vertical garden idea made with recycled tires is for you.

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This idea shows us that to have a garden at home it is enough to have desire and creativity when implementing it.

With a base made of wood and several old tires painted in colors and covered with a circular wooden bottom so that the earth does not fall, it makes a great home garden to plant vegetables in a small space, and also gives color to the home.

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Without a doubt, among the best ideas for gardens, the vertical garden made with recycled tires is the best to grow plants and vegetables in a small space in our home.
Growing our own food is an act of love for nature and a privilege when it comes to eating healthier, knowing what we consume and bringing food from the land to the table economically.

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The seeds that we get can be organic in order to obtain a better quality of food instead of eating transgenic vegetables or fruits.

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