How to decorate your pots step by step with cheap materials

You are probably about to throw away that pot that has been in your house for years or you have been given a plant that you feel does not go with your decoration.

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Today you will learn how to decorate your pots easily. You will love making this craft and will consider giving it to your family or friends.

You need:

  • String of the color of your choice
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors
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Step by step:

Step # 1:

Plug in the glue gun and wait a couple of minutes for the glue to melt.

Step # 2:

Take the pot, place it on your work surface, and make several lines of glue on the pot in a spiral pattern.

Step # 3:

Take the rope and begin to go around the pot making sure not to leave any uncovered spaces (in this case make another line of glue before continuing to go around the pot with the rope).

Step # 4:

Finally, continue surrounding the pot with the rope and apply a little pressure on the rope to fix it with the glue, and when you reach the end of the pot make a cut in the rope with the scissors and place a dot of glue with the gun at the end to leave it attached to the rest.

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