How to unclog the kitchen burners

When we first started having problems with the burners on the stove, we wondered how to unclog the burners on the stove. They may not turn on easily or even turn off sometimes.

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Some factors that make the burners not work can be the following: that they are poorly placed, humidity, accumulated scale, fat that clings to the burners over time, among others.

For this reason, it is essential to uncover the burners of the kitchen so that they light well. Let’s remember that the key is that the gas comes out well, and therefore, the burners light without difficulties.

Let’s keep in mind that we must always handle the gas, the kitchen and the accessories with great care to avoid accidents.

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How to do it:

1- We remove the burners from the kitchen very carefully.

2- With a firm and thin wire, we will use this wire to do the cleaning. But to make it more effective, we put insulating tape on one end, as a security measure.

3- Insert the wire into the gas outlet hole, we will handle it with caution as if it were a cotton swab.

4- The wire is removed.

5- We assemble the kitchen by placing the corresponding burners, and we try turning on the burners to make sure that everything is correctly in place.

As can be seen, it is a simple but effective procedure, the recommendation is to do it whenever it is necessary or rather within a convenient time. The key is not to let too much time go by, otherwise a lot of grease and tartar will accumulate.

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  • It is essential to ensure that the stove is turned off properly, especially when inserting the fine wire. In fact, if we do not feel safe, it is better to call a professional.
  • A very effective trick is to mix hot water with vinegar in a container and submerge the burners for approximately 1 hour. This time will be enough for all the stuck fat to come off, it will help a lot. As a next step, we can dry the burners with a little baking soda on a cloth.
  • Also, you can mix lemon juice with water and soak the burners for 10 minutes, then use a dishwashing sponge and rub the burners until the grease comes off.

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