How to care for a Love Ribbon – The plant that purifies the air in your home

Plant lovers appreciate a plant that does not require much attention, but it looks beautiful and amazing all the time. The love ribbon or ribbon plant is perfect for that.

This plant comes from Chlorophytum family; It is native to southern Africa, hence it is known to be a hardy species that can tolerate changes in climate well.

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It has whitish stems that are adorned by small white flowers, as well as tufts of leaves that later can serve as cuttings to multiply this species in various parts of the home.

According to experts, at least 25 species of the plant are known; Within the specific care it requires are direct sunlight.

How to keep your plant healthy?

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In winter, the plant needs temperatures that do not drop below 14º C , it is better to have ventilated spaces with little air flow.

It is called a “love bond” because when it begins to present buds in the form of white flowers, these are left hanging and become “babies” ; which gives it this arachnid green appearance with lots of green white leaves.

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If you have this plant indoors, you should never flood its container, since it can dry out, watering at least every 2 times a week is preferred; Periodic nebulisations are very positive for him.

Regarding pruning, you should not do any since they dry out easily, but you must eliminate them so that they do not become sources of infection for the plant.

It is crucial that during spring and summer you fertilize at least every 2 weeks, and in winter you do it at least once a month so that it maintains its fresh green appearance.

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