Garden with bottles: Grow vegetables and spices in small spaces

Growing a mini garden with a PET bottle is a very healthy practice, as well as economical and sustainable for the environment. After all, in addition to growing your own food, you also bring utility to that PET that would undoubtedly be thrown away.

Just to give you an idea, after analyzing data from more than 200 countries, a WWF report revealed that Brazil ranks fourth in the ranking of the largest producers of plastic waste in the world, only behind India (third place). . China (second place) and the United States (first place).

So, whether it be for environmental awareness, for the practice of a healthier life or for the economy generated from the production of your own food, one thing is possible to say: there are many reasons to garden with a bottle at home. This bottled garden uses the lid with a string to feed the plant water from the base.

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With smaller and smaller houses and apartments, many people’s dream of growing a beautiful backyard garden is left behind. However, the perseverance and creativity of many people has brought to light a new way of growing vegetables and spices in confined spaces.

Simple, economical and efficient, the garden with a PET bottle fits in different environments of the house and can serve as a container for the cultivation of numerous vegetables and spices.

What to plant in the garden in bottles?

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In the bottle garden you can plant lettuce, arugula, chives, basil, coriander, rosemary, mint, spinach, radish, cucumber, strawberry, cherry tomato, garlic, different types of peppers, among other species. The vegetable garden with a bottle can be supported on the fence of the property, forming a small garden.

How to make a garden with bottles?

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The bottle garden can be configured in different ways, depending on the size and layout of the environment. Among the different models of garden with bottle, we can highlight: the suspended garden with bottle; the vertical garden with a bottle and the garden with a bottle on the ground.

The suspended garden with a bottle has become a reality in many houses and small apartments, balconies, mini terraces and even kitchens have reserved a corner of their decoration to accommodate a precious vegetable garden with suspended bottle. See a mini tutorial on how to set up your own garden with a suspended bottle below.

How to make a suspended garden with bottles

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Separate a bottle and poke 4 spaced holes, near the cap area and a hole in the bottom of the bottle so that accumulated water in the container can escape.
Next, take a pair of scissors and make 2 cutouts on the bottle one on each side (as shown in the image below).
First add some gravel and then the substrate. Make an opening in the soil and plant the desired vegetable or seasoning.
Pass the thread through the 4 holes near the cap, tie the threads together with a knot; Finally, with the help of a wall hook, place the rope on the hook, wet the seedlings and let your suspended garden grow.

How to make a vertical garden with bottles

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Creative and economical alternative that facilitates the cultivation of vegetables and spices, even in very confined environments. To do this, it is necessary to separate a part of the wall from the room. However, remember that the chosen location must receive natural light and ventilation most of the time, otherwise your plants will not develop.

Reserve at least 5 bottles to set up your vertical garden. Take one of the bottles and cut a piece off the top of the bottle with scissors. Drill 4 main holes (2 on the top and 2 on the bottom where the wire or metal rope will pass). Then drill micro holes in the bottom of the bottle so that the accumulated water can drain out. Pass the threads of thread or rope between the 4 holes of the bottles and tie knots so that they are supported. However, if you choose wire, you need to glue 2 washers underneath which serve as a shim so the bottles don’t slip. Finally, with the structure already assembled, add pebbles, the substrate and the desired vegetable or seasoning seedling. Water the seedlings subtly, preventing the substrate from becoming soggy.

Vegetable garden with bottles on the ground

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For those who have more space at home, it is even possible to create a beautiful garden with a bottle on the ground. Here, both vegetables and spices can be grown side by side, as long as the presence of these containers does not interfere with the movement of people and animals around the house.

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