7 Plants to decorate your bedroom that also ward off nightmares

As we know, the bedroom is a unique and intimate place, precisely there on its walls the plans, dreams and secrets of people are reflected.

However, everything can change over time. Which is why, if we want to renovate our bedroom and look for different options, plants will be an excellent idea.

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The reason why plants can be so beneficial when having them in the room is because at the end of the day we take refuge in the bedroom, where we seek to relax and have a good night’s sleep. But the reality is many times different, daily stress causes us a bad rest and even nightmares.

Precisely plants can be a natural remedy, we say this because according to studies the interaction with plants significantly reduces physical and psychological stress, as well as a state of calm and comfort.

Plants that we can place in our bedroom


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This plant has an intense perfume, and its beauty makes it very attractive creating an atmosphere of relaxation in the bedroom.

For this, gardenia is ideal because it has an effect similar to painkillers. But it requires constant watering.

Bamboo palm

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The bamboo palm purifies the air and harmonizes the environment, especially at night its effect is full. In addition, its exotic and decorative effect is unmatched.

One recommendation is to keep your soil moist, you can also keep them in water and in a place with a lot of light.


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The jasmine plant exudes a sweet aroma and is used as a relaxant, pain reliever, and even antidepressant. It requires a lot of light and regular watering.

Aloe vera

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Aloe vera purifies the air and oxygen flows at night, likewise the pulp of its leaves has properties that favor the skin.

Among its care, light and irrigation that requires at least 1 time a week is essential.


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Without a doubt, lavender has its flowers that give off an aroma that slows down the heart rate and even inhibits the production of cortisol, the stress hormone. This plant requires limited light and frequent watering.

English ivy

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The English ivy plant improves the symptoms of joy and asthma, however it is usually toxic to children and household pets.

The recommendation is to have this plant in a hanging pot, keep in mind that it needs moderate exposure to sunlight.

Peace lily

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The peace lily removes microbes from the air. An essential suggestion for this plant is to keep it in the shade.

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