7 indoor plants that will make you travel without leaving your home

We know how much you like indoor plants. The dissemination that they have given on social networks to articles such as “The best plants to decorate interiors”, have made us think that, perhaps, they would like to have more information on the subject. We thought it was a good idea to share this list of 7 indoor plants that will make you travel the world (but without leaving your home). Imagine being able to recreate different environments from far away places in your home through plants.

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The list that we will share below has been created by the vacation rental portal HomeToGo, and we thought it was an excellent idea to share it with our followers. Plants bring warmth to interiors, they also create atmosphere, and that is what we love. There are many plants, but each one has its particularity, and even more so when we know their origin. Knowing this, it is very likely that we will automatically transport ourselves to the place where this plant comes from.

Purify the air in your home

Chamaedorea Seifriz, also known as Bamboo Palm, is a typical plant from Mexico. The particularity of this plant is that it is third in the ranking of plants with the greatest air purification power. And we do not say this, NASA says it. So with it you will not only be giving a decorative touch to your home but you will be doing something positive for your health and that of your family.

The Bamboo Palm can measure between 1.20 and up to 3.70 meters if it had room to grow. The ideal is to keep the soil always moist and the good thing is that direct and indirect sunlight is good for it.

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An ideal plant for bedrooms

Would you like to feel the freshness of the Himalayan mountains in your bedroom? This plant is called Jasminum Sambac, also known as Sampaguita or Jasmine of Arabia. It is a very aromatic plant, whose flowers open at night to release their particular fragrance. Aromatic houseplants will always be welcome in bedrooms.

This plant requires indirect sunlight, the ideal temperature to stay in optimal conditions is between 15 and 30 ° C, and it should be watered once a week.

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Indoor plants for the kitchen

Do you like plants in the kitchen? Then the Tulbaghia Violacea, or Society Garlic, a plant native to South Africa, you will love. Its peculiarity is that its leaves emanate an aroma similar to garlic, which makes it a substitute for it. This interesting plant requires indirect light and to be watered once a week, or when the soil is dry.

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A moving plant for the living room

This plant will be the queen of the home, all visitors will be delighted. It is the Sensitive Mimosa or Mimosa Pudica. It is a semi tropical plant that will automatically transport us to South America and Central America. Surely you have seen it sometime. We say that it has movement because when you touch its leaves they close, and after a while they open again. The same happens with the stem. It is also known as Shameful, Sleepy or Nometoques, and if you have one of these surely your visitors will be delighted with it. This particular plant requires that the soil is always moist and needs indirect light. The ideal temperature for Sensitive Mimosa is between 15 and 30 ° C.

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Another curious plant for the living room

This beautiful plant, Platycerium, known as the Australian Fern, but more popularly known as Elkhorn, is native to Oceania (Australia and New Zealand). This plant usually grows from the trunks and branches of other trees. Its leaves look precisely like elk horns. This beautiful plant requires direct light, in summer it should be watered once a week and in winter two.


An ideal plant to decorate the bathroom

If you want a plant to decorate the bathroom, the Persian Shield is the one, as it gets along very well with humidity. Its purplish-blue leaves, very decorative, will make you travel to the jungle of Burma, a country in Southeast Asia, where it is from. Its scientific name is Strobilanthes Dyerianus. It blooms in fall and winter, but it doesn’t do it every year. Among its care we can say that it needs to always have the soil moist and the ideal is that it lives in temperatures above 15 ° C.


An ideal plant for the office

An ideal plant for the work area, especially for its elegance. It is the Sarracenia Leucophylla, or White Carnivorous plant. It has purple or reddish flowers. It is a typical plant from Florida and the Gulf Coast of the United States, which will give a classic American air to your office. Growing this plant indoors is challenging, but not impossible. A peculiarity of this carnivorous plant is that it is an excellent ally against mosquitoes. It requires direct light and ideally it should live in temperatures between 15 and 30 ° C. It usually measures between 15 and 90 cms.


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