5 Homemade Tricks to Care for a Peace Lily and Keep Them Beautiful

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If you have a Moses-in-the-cradle plant (also known as Peace Lily or Spathiphyllum) in your home, it’s essential to know how to care for it and keep it looking beautiful. Below, we’ll explain how to maintain a well-cared-for Moses-in-the-cradle and offer some valuable tips.

Moses-in-the-cradle (also referred to as Peace Lily) is a very easy-to-care-for plant. However, if not treated correctly, it can appear unattractive and wilted. With these simple tricks, you can ensure it stays lovely.

1. Provide Adequate Light: First and foremost, ensure your Moses-in-the-cradle or Peace Lily receives sufficient light. Placing it in a dark location can cause it to wither and lose its beauty.

2. Consistent Watering: Second, generously water your Moses-in-the-cradle every two days. Failure to water it can lead to wilting and eventual demise. Remember, these are indoor plants, so be mindful not to overwater.

3. Monthly Fertilization: Third, fertilize your Moses-in-the-cradle every month using a specialized plant product. This will help it grow strong and healthy.

4. Gentle Brushing: Fourth, occasionally brush its leaves with a soft brush. This will help remove particles that accumulate on its foliage. You can also trim it by simply cutting away any affected or dead areas, allowing the younger, brighter leaves to thrive.

5. Weekly Mist: Fifth, spray lukewarm water over it every week. This will help keep it hydrated and healthy.

We hope you found these tips for caring for your Moses-in-the-cradle plant insightful and helpful!

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