Learn how to cut your hair in able at home. Is easier than it looks like

Probably on several occasions you have thought about changing your haircut, but at the hairdresser any simple haircut is expensive, so we end up staying with our current cut for a long time, but fortunately we can cut our own hair quickly and simple.

Next, in this article we will show you some useful tips that will help you cut your hair correctly and enjoy your new homemade haircut.

What you need to do to cut your hair yourself

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1.- Look in the mirror.

Examine your hair carefully to decide how you want the layers, it is highly recommended that you take a photo, print it and mark just where you want it. It is important to consider the texture of the hair, since it is not the same to cut straight hair as curly hair, so the size of the layers should always be longer for curly hair. Another factor to consider is your face shape, as long layers look amazing on round and square faces, while short layers look best on oval and heart shaped faces.

2.- Good scissors.

It is essential to have professional scissors to achieve a good cut, so for nothing in the world do you think of using kitchen or craft scissors, since with these you will not get good results.

3.- Hairdressing at home.

You should find a place with good lighting, with a mirror and access to water, so the bathroom would be a good option. You will need: 1 towel to cover your shoulders, 3 or 4 hair clips or hooks, 1 additional mirror, the scissors and 1 comb to start working on your hair.

4.- Wash the hair.

The first thing you should do is wash your hair and comb it until it is completely untangled, drying the excess water with a towel but leaving it a little damp to make it easier to cut.

This video will explain step by step how to cut hair:

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