Mothers affirm that it is harder to be at home taking care of the children, than to work

All parents know that taking care of children is not an easy job and requires a lot of patience. It is not like any other job from which you can disconnect for several hours and then return to it some time later, but it is a job that requires attention and care 24 hours a day; so as you should know, being a mother requires a lot of responsibility, time and patience.

Today it is very common that apart from being mothers, women also have a job outside the home. Both jobs are complicated, but you should know that being a mother is a really complicated and exhausting task, in addition to being much more time consuming, so it is much more tiring than working outside the home.

Having children is a full time job

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It’s no secret to anyone that the best part of an average job is that you wake up, go to work, meet the schedule, and then you can go home and forget about it and completely disconnect from everything until the next day. In fact, on many occasions this is what motivates people to get up and start the day.

However, when we are talking about childcare we cannot say the same thing; especially when you have very young children. The only moment of peace that mothers have is when night falls, but sometimes they can’t enjoy it too much either.

Having children is a wonderful thing, and in most cases mothers feel completely fulfilled and happy to have them. However, all of us need a break from responsibilities, a moment to relax and think only of ourselves.

For this reason, it is recommended that mothers find activities for their children that keep them away from their parents for a certain time; which is not bad for children either. In this way you will have time for yourself, to relax and put your worries aside; also when your child returns you will have much more patience and energy to enjoy with your little one.

Caring for children is more tiring than working outside the home

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Although many people do not believe it, caring for children is much more tiring than any job outside the home. This is because, as we mentioned before, it is a full-time task that also requires a lot of attention, patience, and care.

Many studies have been carried out that prove that the work of mothers is completely exhaustive, but one of the most recent and interesting is the one carried out by the Catholic University of Leuven.

Being a father is a very hard job

To carry out this study, a survey was made to more than 1000 mothers and fathers, which resulted in 13% of the parents being too tired and with a feeling of incapacity. In addition, the majority of parents who took the survey stated that caring for their children is a task that never ends, is too exhausting, and puts the emotional and physical health of parents at risk.

They also assure that time complicates things more, since when children begin to grow and enter new stages they require much more help, care and attention.

And yet we can’t live without those little ones who come to turn our lives around!

Source: Great Moms

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