How to Keep Parsley Alive and Fresh for Months: A Chef’s Trick

Parsley is a kitchen staple, renowned for adding a burst of flavor to dishes. It’s incredibly handy to have fresh parsley available at all times. But how do you keep parsley vibrant and fresh for months? Here’s a chef’s trick to accomplish just that.

The Role of Parsley in the Kitchen

a plate with parsley

Parsley is a widely beloved aromatic herb in culinary arts, used to season a plethora of dishes including salads, soups, meats, fish, and vegetables. Packed with vitamin C, vitamin K, and iron, it’s also an excellent source of antioxidants.

This herb comes in two main varieties: curly and flat-leaf. Curly parsley has ruffled leaves and a more robust flavor, while flat-leaf features smoother leaves with a milder taste.

In cooking, parsley can be finely chopped and added to a variety of dishes for enhanced flavor. It also serves as a garnish for meals like salads, soups, and baked potatoes.

Fresh parsley is available both fresh and dried, and many chefs prefer it fresh for its more potent flavor. When buying fresh, it’s crucial to select vibrant green leaves and discard any yellowed or wilted ones.

Keeping Parsley Alive: The Preservation Trick

  1. To start, you need some parsley, preferably fresh. Wash it and lay it out on a cutting board. Roughly chop the parsley using a knife.
  2. Next, place the freshly chopped parsley into a fairly deep container. Now, add a tablespoon of baking soda. Pour cold water over the parsley until it’s completely submerged, and the baking soda dissolves. Use a spoon to ensure the leaves are thoroughly soaked.
  3. At this stage, it’s essential to let the parsley soak for about fifteen minutes. In the meantime, clean the cutting board with a bit of vinegar alcohol. This ensures all bacteria are eliminated and the board is ready for future use. After 15 minutes, rinse the herb under running water, changing the water about three times.
drained parsley on a towel
  1. Lay out a clean sponge towel on the clean cutting board and place the drained herb on top. Pat the parsley dry thoroughly with the towel. Now, you’ll need a clean and dry glass jar. Line the bottom of the jar with paper towels. Using a spoon, press it firmly against the walls of the jar.
  2. Fill the jar with parsley. The jar should be transparent glass with an airtight seal. At this point, you can place the parsley jar in the refrigerator, where it will stay fresh and intact for approximately a month. Once you’ve mastered this trick, it’s likely to become a staple in your kitchen routine.

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