How to easily grow roses from cuttings in banana

We introduce to you a method of propagating rose cuttings using bananas.

Bananas contain many vitamins, providing nutrients for rose branches, helping rose branches quickly take root within 50 days, rose branches can give new roots.

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If you are looking to breed a rose that you love, you can follow this method. Good luck!

Here is a step by step tutorial! We used photos to make it very easy and quick for you:

Follow these 5 steps:

1- You will need some cutting…

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2- You take a banana and with a round stick you will make a few holes in it…

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3- You put the cuttings through the banana…


4- You put the banana in a pot with the building sad…

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You should fix it good, and the sand should cover the banana…

5- You keep watering it for the next 50 days…


After 50 days your cuttings should look like this. You can wash them and plant them.


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Here is also a video of how you do it, if the quickguide wasn’t enough.

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