9 Aromatic Plants that you can Grow in Water and Tips to take care of them

The herbs have been used since ancient times, as have incredible benefits and medicinal properties.

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There is no need to use flower pots, as like the popular bamboos, these plants can be grown directly in water in glass containers.

  1. Basil

Basil will love the warmth of your kitchen and therefore grows easily in a container of clean water; yes, located in a place with lots of light. A tip that will be of great help: cut the cuttings that have buds to avoid flowering, since after it occurs the plant ends its cycle and dies. If you thought that he always died because of you, don’t worry, it’s his life cycle.

  1. Sage
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Keep the plant in water in a cool and airy place because it is prone to mold . Sage in water grows very slowly, but don’t worry, it just takes a little bit to add a lot of flavor to your recipes.

  1. Stevia
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If you like sweet, stevia can be your great ally since it is ideal to add to teas and infusions and it has no calories. Grow it in water and place it in a warm, well-lit place.

  1. Oregano
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It is always a good idea to have a pot of fresh oregano in the kitchen, as it is easy to grow in water and is an interesting complement to our Mediterranean dishes. Dip the cuttings into the water and start pinching their leaves once you see that the plant is growing properly.

  1. Tarragon
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There are several types of tarragon, although the French is the most appreciated in the kitchen. In any case, it is a slow-growing herb that will require light and clean water. Better to plant in spring.

  1. Thyme
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Cut only those green cuttings that you see growing and dip them in water. Those that have turned brown will fail to root. As always, the best time to plant cuttings will be spring, and they need to be immersed immediately, almost freshly cut, since their extreme thinness makes them dry quickly.

  1. Rosemary
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Woody rosemary cuttings take a long time to take root, but are more resistant to spoilage. Those planted in spring seem to root earlier. Either way, it is a plant that does not require efforts and its flavor and joy are worth it.

  1. Mint
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In addition to being a great ally in the kitchen, mint is the star herb of medicinal remedies thanks to its high content of menthol, a substance that refreshes without producing any variation in temperature. Its cultivation in water is very simple: it is enough to submerge some of its branches so that they take root.

  1. Herb Luisa
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The magnificent smell of this herb is an excellent letter of introduction for any home, in addition its cultivation is so simple and its growth is so fast that it is worth it. Cut some cuttings in spring and soak them in water; Then, put the container in a well-lit place. It will take about 4 weeks to take root and then it will be unstoppable. Of course, change the water regularly and keep an eye on mold, as it is prone to it indoors.

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