15 amazing hairstyles that girls with short hair will love

Short hair is a style that many girls have chosen to wear because of how easy it is to manage. Hair like this dries much faster, you don’t spend as much money on shampoo or conditioners, not to mention hair treatments or dyes to keep your hair healthy; everything is reduced in the most practical way by walking short hair.

But there is a small disadvantage, because most of us who carry short hair are forced to always wear straight hair, as if there were no other alternative to comb it. That is why we have brought you 15 hairstyles that will give you a fresh and glamorous look at any time.

You will love each hairstyle and how practical it is to create them!

The perfect updo

1 53

A practical half updo that you will achieve in no time

2 43

If you don’t like to wear it so much, this hairstyle is for you

3 39

Small braid in front

4 46

Some curves in the hair will make you look fabulous

5 35

The perfect hairstyle for a date

6 30

Get a vintage style

7 25

A crown of braids in a messy style

8 19

Help yourself with some bobby pins

9 17

For an important event, bring out your elegance

10 10

You can leave it in a half ponytail or end it

11 7

Perfectly updo curly hair

12 5

The 20’s are back

13 5

Half updo: easier than it seems

14 6

You only need 5 minutes to get your look of the day

15 3

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