15 original ideas to recycle plastic bottles

Plastic bottles have been of great help over the years, very practical products to tell the truth, the problem begins when they lose their usefulness and we proceed to discard them. The best thing you can do with these containers is to recycle them and make new objects, that’s why we bring you 15 special ideas with which you can reuse your plastic bottles and store everything from clothes to the smallest objects in your home.

Recycling is not only applied to plastic bottles but also to glass, bags and cardboard. Pay attention and start applying our tips to give your plastic containers another use.

Your accessories and magazines in plastic bottles

1 54

To store your accessories you can cut the bottom of the bottles, for the magazines you only need to cut the cylinder of the container.

Shoes and wiring in plastic containers

2 44

It’s a great way to save space and money.

Plastic bag storage

3 40

You will no longer have to take up space in the bags, now you can turn the bottles into a bag dispenser.

Cell phone case

4 47

It will be of great help when it comes to charging your cell phone, so you won’t have to leave it anywhere in fear of it suffering any damage.

Food dispenser

5 2

Bottle caps are ideal for storing food, you just have to pass the bag where you have the food through the inside of the cap and that’s it.

Makeup organizer

6 31

The bottom of the bottles can be used to organize your makeup brushes, lipsticks, etc.


7 26

Play with your creativity and start making flower pots with plastic bottles.

Plant pendants

8 20

With plastic bottles you can have the best pendants, draw on them if you want to give it a personal touch.

Rake or dustpan

9 18

With this idea you can save a lot of money and let your imagination run wild, after all, practicing crafts is a great stimulant.

Broom with plastic bottles

10 11

You must have patience to make it, but the result is great.

Homemade sprinkler

11 8

Take a bottle and make several holes , then insert the hose into the nozzle of the container and voila, you have your homemade sprinkler.

Food dispenser for your pets

12 6

Whether they are birds, cats or dogs, plastic containers are excellent dispensers for your pets’ food, try it.

Store your colors in the plastic bottles

13 6

Not only the colors, but also the clothespins and any items you want to store.

Home decoration

14 7

You can make pendants, paint with the bottom of bottles , create candle holders, curtains, and even lamps.

Money storage cases

15 5

Cut the ends of the plastic bottle and take the two bottom areas, glue a zipper to the edges and proceed to paint the surface to finish the job.

Plastic flowers

16 2

You can make the ones you like the most and in the color you want, it is your creativity that will take center stage.

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