10 ideal office hairstyles for when you don’t have much time

There are days when we don’t even want to get up, but we have no choice and it goes without saying that we don’t want to do something so elaborate on our hair.

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For that day of the week when laziness is too much we have some easy hairstyles for the office that do not require effort and you are going to do them in a two-by-three.

1.- Just hold strands on each side of your head and voila.

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2.- If you want your hair not to get in the way during the day, just roll it up and hold it to your head with some pins. We suggest you use large ones.

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3.- If you want to make a quick half-tail but you don’t like the hair tie to show, leave two loose side strands and cross them, so you will hide the tie.

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4.- This is the same procedure as the previous one but it works in case your thing is to make a low ponytail.

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5.- You just have to separate your hair as seen in the image, roll it up and grab it with a barrette.

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6.- So that your bun does not look unkempt or very flabby in the office, decorate it with garters like this one.

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7.- You just have to make a low ponytail and tie a scarf around it. It will give you a sophisticated look.

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8.- This is the easiest of all and it may even be something obvious, but some pins will make the difference if what you want is to wear your hair down like that.

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9.- Follow this step by step and get your hair fixed in no time. It will help you if in your office you walk from one place to another or it is hot season and what you least want is to bring it loose.

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10.- Who said that headbands don’t go well for work? You can buy them with monochromatic prints of 1 or 2 colors or plain.

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