11 Hairstyles with Short Hair and How to Choose the Best

A makeover always comes in handy, however, some people resist taking this radical step into the unknown for fear that it won’t suit them. That is why knowing how to choose is so important.

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Next, we will show you images of your favorite stars, who did not hesitate to choose a youthful and stylish haircut.

Stylish short hair

Natalie Portman settled on this radical ultrashort style. The truth is that it was very good.

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Many fans were surprised to discover the new image of Charlize Theron , without her silky curls… A new perfect touch !.

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A long oblique fringe of bangs softens the contours of Michelle Williams’ face .

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Anne Hathaway shows you various options for wearing short hair with bangs.

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If you have curly hair, like Audrey Tautou , we recommend this look. Its natural curls form a very original hairstyle!

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Keira Knightley goes for short hair with casual style. A glamorous image in a matter of minutes!

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This style perfectly emphasizes Winona Ryder’s delicate facial features .

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Katie Holmes made the right decision to cut the hair !. This cut is ideal for both a special dinner and an occasional shopping trip.

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If anyone knows what they really want when it comes to haircuts, it’s Sharon Stone ! This new look considerably masks the age of the actress, giving a youthful touch to her face.

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Cult actress Tilda Swinton has always been surrounded by an air of mystery, and this short hair style accentuates it even more.

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But if you want a really unique and extravagant look, singer Pink’s style will suit you. This partially sheared cut creates an image of the rock and roll era with touches of modernity.

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Short hairstyles always look good, especially on hot summer days. Cheer up, a radical makeover could be the push you’ve been waiting for!

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