Mushroom Blonde: 6 Ideas To Wear The Hair Dye You Will Love

The mushroom blonde dye is a combination of ash color with blonde and brown in a matte tone that you should wear if you are a brunette and want a change of look.

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For brunettes who wanted to be blonde for some time now, a hair dye has arrived that they will not hesitate to wear in their hair, it is called Mushroom Hair or Mushroom Blonde .

Take Mushroom Hair everywhere

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The mushroom blonde dye is a combination of brown, blonde and ash in a matte finish that refers to the color of mushrooms , mushrooms or mushrooms .

This style of dye for brunettes can not only be worn straight, it also looks great in color gradient, as in the image below.

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Also, you can wear it in a long balayage mane if you don’t feel like dyeing all your hair.

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It even looks amazing in darker and more neutral tints like the one below, if you don’t like warm tints.

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You just have to see this look to fall in love with the mushroom dye . This one especially wears it in a platinum tone.

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Finally, it does not look bad if you want to wear it with highlights in light and dark tones with a light gradient.

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