Maria Montessori’s Calm Jar for Parents and Children

The bottle of calm is a bottle aimed at families to control tantrums in children and nerves in adults.

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It claims to be able to channel stress and anxiety by enhancing breathing and calm thanks to concentration. The bottle of calm is made up of glue, water, shampoo, glitter and other ingredients that will make it have an almost hypnotic movement that will help the angry child to control his tantrums, as long as it is used correctly where the little one understands that It’s a feel-good jar.

Inspired by the ideology of Maria Montessori

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The bottle of calm is inspired by the pedagogy of Maria Montessori, and the objective is that both parents and children can regulate their negative emotions by being able to channel them and in this way the feelings of rage, anger or sadness can be understood from calm.

All emotions are important and words must be put so that an awareness can be created, something that will make it possible to master those emotions in the future by recognizing them better.

It’s not just for kids

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The bottle of calm is a product that is intended for parents, to be used together with children over 2 years of age. The purpose of the bottle is to calm the anxiety, nerves or stress of both the adult and the child by concentrating the attention on the relaxing movements inside the bottle. It is very important that the bottle is well sealed so that it cannot be opened under any circumstances, as the materials inside are toxic.

It is necessary that to accompany the action, a cordial tone is made with the child and instructions on breathing are provided so that the child relaxes little by little. In this way he will be aware of how he himself is capable of controlling his emotions and how he can clear his mind, take care of his breathing and notice how fear, stress and anxiety are disappearing.

It’s not a punishment

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It should be noted that the bottle of calm is not a punishment nor should it appear so. It is a technique that must be applied together with the child , accompanying him in this process. Threats or punishments do not fit into the calm jar technique. Adults should provide this technique as a time investment for children to learn to manage stress and frustration, something that will help them as they grow into successful adults who know how to control their own emotions.

When the child is stressed their heart rate and breathing speed up, so they may feel a blockage in their thoughts. But by concentrating on the glitter in the bottle and its relaxing movements, they will be able to begin to think more clearly, so that later, together with the help of the adult, they can return to the reason for the anger and seek solutions calmly and serenely.

The adult must accompany throughout the process

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The bottle of calm should never (under any circumstances) be used by the child individually, the adult must always be by his side to guide him in the relaxation process. You should give the child instructions so that he knows how to do it, saying things like: Now we are going to sit down with the calming bottle to relax us all. We’ll take a deep breath and silently watch the glitter move and slide down the jar until it stops completely. Afterwards, we will talk about what happened and look for solutions.

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