Trick To Blow Floating Balloons Without Using Helium

The floating balloons decorate very beautifully and everyone loves them, especially children. The disadvantage is that it is a bit expensive to inflate them with helium and you also have to find a place where they do it.

If you run out of helium to inflate the balloons for your party, don’t worry, with this new trick we will teach you the trick that the Japanese use to inflate the balloons. Helium is the lightest gas, so it floats. But unfortunately it is very expensive and if you want to inflate many balloons you will need a lot of money. We will show you a way to save money by inflating balloons with other materials that have the same effect as helium and are much cheaper.

Learn how to inflate floating balloons without helium

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You will need the following:

500 grams of baking soda
500 milliliters of white vinegar
Balloons with the colors of your choice
1 empty 2-liter bottle
1 funnel

Step by Step:

Make sure you have protective glasses close at hand and put them on before you start preparing the mixture.
Empty the vinegar into the bottle with the funnel. She fills it halfway.
Use the funnel, once it has dried, to place the baking soda inside the uninflated balloon.
Place the mouth of the balloon on the spout of the bottle, making sure that the baking soda does not enter it yet.
When it is well placed, take the balloon and let the baking soda fall over the vinegar little by little.
You will be able to observe how the balloon begins to inflate!
When the balloon has reached the desired size, proceed to remove it and tie it at the tip as you would normally do with any other balloon.

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This effect is achieved because when sodium bicarbonate (which is a base) and vinegar (which is an acid) join together, it causes a chemical reaction to be generated which produces an effervescence that emits a gas (called carbon dioxide); causing the balloon to inflate and rise, just as it would if it had helium inside.

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