Is your toilet lid yellowish? Clear it up with these Tricks

One of the household chores is cleaning bathrooms, but today we are going to talk specifically about the toilet lid.

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Over time the toilet lid becomes yellowish, and that aspect is not the most favorable, much less if we are going to receive a special visit, so we can use different stain remover products and observe that the color wears off and loses its original appearance.

There are different factors that cause the elements of our house to begin to deteriorate. In the case of bathrooms, humidity, sun and other environmental factors can harm and mistreat them.

Here are some tricks that will help you whiten your toilet seat with products that are common and easy to find in the supermarket.

1- Bleach and hydrogen peroxide

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Use bleach without detergent, you can buy the cheapest one and apply hydrogen peroxide to it, which will also help you eliminate all the bacteria that are found there, prepare this mixture for the floors, surfaces, and you will see how the results are seen as time passes.

2- Hydrochloric acid

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To use this product we must be very careful , since being chemical it can cause alterations in our skin if we do not handle it correctly. Wear thick gloves that protect your hands very well, a mask for your face and eyes, primarily. Reduce it with water and do not let it act for more than 8 minutes.

3- Bleach for clothes

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Bleach is excellent for washing clothes, removing stains, eliminating fungi, bacteria, and also for whitening the toilet lid, it is a simple and useful trick. You just have to pour it into a container with a little water and mix. Take a sponge and clean the entire lid, let it act for about 20 minutes and repeat 2 or 3 times until you notice that it is white.

Cleaning routine

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When you go to clean the toilet, start by removing it so that it is in one piece. You may notice bacteria and grime build up under the screws that secure it that you need to clean off.

Get a glitter sponge and baking soda , along with hydrogen peroxide and a little water . Place the lid in the sink and put the hydrogen peroxide on it to bathe it ; spread it very well on all its sides, wrap the lid with plastic and let it rest for a while , approximately 4 hours . Keep in mind that the plastic you are going to handle must be transparent so as not to stain the lid.

You can use a hair dryer to heat up the lid , once it’s well lined with plastic it will give extra cleaning power. Do this for 4 or 5 minutes . The heat will activate the hydrogen peroxide and help whiten faster. Pass the glitter sponge so you can remove all the product and rinse each part of the lid very well and that’s it .

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