How to remove Acrylic Nails without using acetone and from your home

I have never been one of those people who put on acrylic nails, because although I consider them to be art, I get very desperate and want to take them off all the time.

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A couple of months ago I had an event and I decided to get acrylic nails, but the reality is that the taste did not last and little by little I took them off, this resulted in my nails becoming weak and very ugly.

So today I will show you a very good trick for you to learn how to remove acrylic nails without acetone and in a simple way.

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You need:

  • Alcohol
  • Water
  • Cotton
  • Lime
  • Nail clipper
  • Vaseline
  • Acetone


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  1. In a small container place 1 cup of water with 1/2 cup of acetone.
  2. Mix very well to integrate everything.
  3. Before putting your hands into the alcohol water, you need to cut the length of the acrylic nails as much as possible.
  4. Next, file your nails, and if the nails are painted, remove the paint with the help of acetone.
  5. Put your hands in the container with water and alcohol and let them soak for 30 minutes. Recommendation: Apply a little Vaseline on the cuticle so as not to hurt them.
  6. After this time, take your hands out and remove the remains of the acrylic with tweezers. You should not force the nail to fall off, since the last thing we want is for you to get hurt. If the nail is still hard, put your hand in it for 15 minutes until the nails fall off without much effort.
  7. Don’t forget as a final process to file your nails, wash them and apply a moisturizing or exfoliating cream.
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