How to care for and clean your bags so that they last for years: 3 infallible tricks

The bag is one of the accessories with the most power to enhance our outfit, it makes the difference when it comes to looking spectacular.

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A good bag does not mean that it should be expensive or branded, but rather that it be the perfect accessory to combine with different clothes, provide variety and highlight our look without looking sloppy.

– Store your bags in a bag

Good quality bags usually come with a cover when you buy them, but if this is not the case, don’t worry, you can make some satin or cotton covers to keep them in perfect condition, keep them there when you don’t use them to prevent them from getting damaged. fill with dust and prolong its useful life.

manikins dressed in autumn outfits on showcase of a store in city center. shopping and sales concept
Manikins dressed in autumn outfits on showcase of a store in city center. Shopping and sales concept. Black friday

– Fill your bags with onion paper

If you do not plan to use it for a long time, the ideal is to fill them with onion paper so that they do not deform. I do not recommend using magazine or newspaper paper because the ink could stain the inside of your bag.

– Never stack your bags

If you stack them with other bags, you will only encourage them to lose their shape. The best thing you can do is organize them in your closet, on a shelf or shelf so that they keep their original shape.

– Take care of your bags when it rains

Spray your bag with a water-repellent spray protector to protect it from rain or any liquid that we may accidentally spill. Just dry it with a cotton cloth.

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To clean them and keep your bags looking new, clean the entire surface with a damp towel without rubbing too hard, once it ‘s dry, moisturize if your bags are leather, make sure to do it 1 or 2 times a year so that the material is not damaged or cracked, you can use the classic Nivea cream.

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